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Care for Teeth


If a tooth is sick, the dentist will decide which treatment is best suited. In some cases it is appropriate to consider him, in other reaches a crown. This is a lid for the artificial tooth, which is set to the broken-down. The damaged tooth is pre-sanded and cleaned, then your dentist uses on the artificial crown and fixed it. Depending on the color of it falls on more or less. This paper can be front, set on each tooth on the incisors.


If one or more teeth pulled, a gap in the jaw remains. This can be closed by means of bridges or implants. At a bridge, a crown is fitted on the two viscous at the side of the gap, connected by a central piece. The two pillars of the bridge can be either natural teeth or implants. If only one tooth is missing, is often resorted to the implant. This is drilled according Focus.de with an artificial root into the gum. Is this grown after a few weeks, get to the root of a support post and then the implant, which looks like a real tooth.


But it begs the question, how does it happen that a tooth needs to be pulled or is too broken to work alone and therefore gets an artificial crown. The solution can be found among others in the plaque and tartar. Plaque is a plaque that is removed at the dentist visit only in professional tooth cleaning. Otherwise, the distance in the hands of the patient is – by regular brushing. In the dental plaque be stored otherwise, if it is not removed, bacteria. These in turn provide dental diseases. The dangerous thing about the pad is that he, when he was a few days not removed by brushing, hardens, becomes tartar, and can only be removed by the dentist.


As already mentioned, this is a hardened coating directly to the teeth. Stern.de describes that the coating hardens along with food particles and saliva, especially behind the incisors on the outside of the upper molars. This calcification is a breeding ground for bacteria, it forms the best basis for dental diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis or periodontitis, if he is not removed regularly.



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