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Oral Health

Generally, this term is defined so that the person can take a wide range of food and drink to him. He is also able to speak clearly and socially accepted to smile – in the absence of tough this would not be possible. It is in this concept therefore about much more than just the absence of bad breath. This has also not always something to do with lack of care, but is also partly due to illness, without that this has something to do with the teeth itself.


To be able to chew, it is important that people have teeth in the mouth. An adult has a total of 32 of them, spread over cutting, corner and molars. The incisors are, as the name suggests, is responsible for the biting, for example when biting one bun. By contrast, the molars grind and crushing the food so that it can eventually be swallowed. The canines have their original function as fangs, as is yet known of predators, now lost. Nevertheless, they are dentally but important for the teeth as they form a column chewing pressure. The teeth are a total of approximately the same structure and only its function differently shaped accordingly. Outside sits the crown, followed the enamel and completely inside the dental pulp. At the transition to the gums is the neck of the tooth and this tooth root. Small teeth have only one, more like the back teeth more. Therefore, it is not so wild, when in one of the back teeth an inflamed tooth root must be drawn: These have more than one and still fulfill their function.


Thus, the teeth hold the teeth, it is important that they are closely connected with this. For the gums provides. It is located around the outside of the tooth and fixed him in the teeth. The gum is available from the beginning, even in babies who do not have teeth. It is important that it is kept healthy for the teeth continue to be snug and secure. This element protects the alveolar bone, a thin wall of bone, which forms the tooth socket, and the cementum of the tooth root and the periodontal ligament, reported kzbv.de. The periodontal ligament is a connective tissue, the fibers of the cement and the bone wall interconnected, so that the tooth has a stable but flexible hold.



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