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Skin Aging and Wrinkling – How can skin aging and wrinkling delayed or undone

Fight against aging processes of the skin

Skin aging and wrinkling are two particularly unwanted signs of aging. Although there are few possibilities to avoid this aging process, so there are at least delay behavior to the age of the skin. Skin aging starts almost from the moment of birth, if you want to counteract the signs of aging and the emergence of wrinkles, then you should begin as early as possible.

Causes of skin aging and wrinkling

Over time, the important skin components elastin and collagen start to break apart and to allow the skin to lose its elasticity, its basic structure and the ability to repair itself. Cell reproduction slows atrophy with age, cells and sebaceous glands, so that the production of moisture decreases and the skin starts to become dry.

Several other environmental factors also contribute to skin aging and wrinkling associated with it. These include: cigarette smoke, air pollution, laugh, frown and of course the sun (if you did not provide for adequate sun protection). With the way the individual human lives, you have to hold it in our hands the skin aging.

Delay skin aging and wrinkling

Skin aging and wrinkles can be significantly delayed by appropriate skin protection from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. These rays can penetrate unprotected layers of the skin. There they produce radiation, which can damage the cells of the skin tissue seriously and permanently. UV-A rays are also in Free radicals suspected release which can cause cell damage in the body.

The cigarette smoke also promotes the proliferation of free radicals, which slow down the production of new collagen and elastin. To protect against free radicals, you should pay attention to a balanced diet with lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Smoking also hinders the blood flow to the skin, so that the epidermis (top layer of skin) does not receive enough nutrients to stay healthy.

Skin care anti-aging and wrinkle formation

Most importantly for the delay skin aging and wrinkling of the skin is clean, well maintained and keep moist. Without proper skin cleansing also usually the most expensive anti-wrinkle agent does not help. Wash first with warm water and a mild soap. Then pat the skin dry, so you get your natural skin moisture. Hot water and non-mild soaps take the necessary skin moisture and hence promote dry skin. To assist the skin in the regeneration, the cosmetics industry developed a number of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle skin care products that moisturize and to the skin from the inside out strong. An anti-wrinkle cream increases in the optimal case, the elasticity of the skin so that the skin smooth and relaxed feel.

Further action against skin aging and wrinkling

Skin aging is an irreversible process and unfortunately this is true, unfortunately, for the formation of wrinkles. Try to delay with a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, avoidance of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, as well as the right skin care skin aging and the formation of wrinkles as much as possible.


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